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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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rome didn't burn in a day. i-i don't... i'm pretty sure that's not... (computer beeps) all right, is that him? no, it's an e-mail from your friend. it's been eight minutes-- i have to refresh the data. oh, no, don't bother-- just trace the e-mail and find out where it's coming from. no, wait, we need her to keep transmitting until noon like she agreed. otherwise, the kidnappers are gonna know that their cover is blown and dr. russell is as good as dead. okay, so we'll just keep thousands of people in the dark and maintain panic in the streets. i like it. the governor is not gonna cancel the alert until we know for sure from dr. russell that there is no real threat. (beeping) hah. gotcha. there's our man. you know that comes with a private island.
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keeps 'echin, what do you got? the address checks out. it's an old storage warehouse down on the docks. okay, we're on the way. hey, you got any hits on the paint we collected at the crime scene? i ran a list of potential high-value targets within the evac zone and i crossed them against gps locations of the government vehicles within the area, and only six of the targets have government vehicles within a couple blocks. okay, they only wanted tanya to keep up the signal until noon, which means whatever's going down is going down right now. we don't have time to cover all the targets and find russell. fine. guys, grab the op gear, meet us at the docks. (engine roaring) (slow, steady beeping) (slow, steady beeping continues)
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all right... this is the place; they came in here. it's bolted from the inside. how do you want to get in? right over there. there's no sight lines. (typing) man: just a few more hours, and you'll get to see your daughter. (hushed): i've got eyes on dr. russell. (beeping)
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it's time for your next transmission. get to work. (engine starts) (cocks hammer) stay put. (engine rumbling) five-o! drop your weapon! (rapid gunshots) you couldn't have walked him down the steps? what's in his hand, danny? he drew his gun on me, okay? (low, indistinct radio transmission) you know, this guy looks familiar. well, if he's in the system, we'll get a name. (camera clicks) got it. they said i needed to keep sending new data until noon.
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if i didn't give them new numbers every eight minutes, they were gonna kill my daughter. she's okay. we had an officer take her someplace safe. thank you. all right, you said "they." i heard him on the phone. they needed a sector of the city evacuated. which sector? did you hear? no. but they needed me to fabricate data that would force an evacuation deep inland. do you have any idea what they were after? no. hey. hey, i got a hit on the print. all right, hey. danny: name is harrison dunphy. dishonorably discharged from the coast guard eight years ago due to conduct unbecoming. chin: coast guard? yeah. kono, bring every coast guard vehicle with white paint and get a live location, okay? we need to see if these guys are in front of any of the potential targets. right, you got it. this guy, dunphy, he ever serve with the 14th district? yeah. how'd you know that? 'cause eight years ago, hpd worked a joint narco case with the guard. we raided a shipment coming in off a freighter. impounded 700 kilos of cocaine, along with millions of dollars in cash. $28 million? $28 million that ended up in the hpd asset-forfeiture locker. which is right in the center of the evacuation zone.
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kono... i'm already on it. pulling up the forfeiture locker. there's a white truck parked out in front right now. that's it-- they're going for what they think is $28 million. what they think is $28 million. not until you borrowed $10 million of it to save my life. we didn't have a choice. hesse was demanding $10 million, or he was gonna kill you. well, $28 million, $18 million, doesn't matter-- they're hitting the locker right now. she's right. hold on for one second. let's just think. think about what this means. hey, i know what this means, danny. we go bust these guys, hpd does an inventory on that money, they are gonna see that $10 million is missing. it doesn't necessarily trace back to us. we asked the governor to borrow $10 million, and she turned us down. as soon as the hpd tell her exactly how much is missing, she's gonna put it all together. well, what's the alternative? we could let 'em go. get a clean slate... and then i'd never look at my daughter in the face again. let's go. i'll drive.
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new splenda® essentials™. (siren wailing, tires squealing) (siren wailing) we're doing the right thing. i know. we knew about the risks when we took the money. i know. (sighs) we should call hpd, get backup. that's an excellent idea-- just invite more cops to arrest us. know what? i know what you're thinking, all right? this is all my fault, and that's fine. listen to me, i was there, too, my eyes were wide open, and i would do it again. it was worth it for chin. but you have to admit we've been crossing the line a little too easily lately. all right? and now it looks like we are going to pay for it. (sighs) (phone auto-dialing) woman: hpd command. yeah, this is five-o.
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we need assistance at the main station. five-o, be advised, closest responding unit is ten away. what are you talking about, ten away? you guys should be right there! all units are tied up on evac line at lunalilo street. who ordered them that far back? orders came down from the warning center from commander hale. hale? from the coast guard? affirmative. thank you, dispatch. it was him. he knew the warning system, the evacuation protocol, and he had access to russell. what do you think the odds are that he was with the 14th when that bust went down? okay, he was playing us this morning, captain america out to protect the coastlines. i don't like being played. we need to call the coast guard, tell them they're gonna take down one of their own today. (engine roaring, tires squealing) (tires screech) (tires screech) hey, hands, hands, hands! what the hell are you doing? hale: we're supposed to be getting out of the evac zone. shut up! got a scratch, right on the money. all right, hands on the truck right now! hands on the truck right now!
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your buddy dunphy tell you about his hit-and-run this morning? what's going on here? we have to clear this area right now. that's i've been telling them. game's over, hale. we know there's no tsunami, and we know what you're after. this guy walks out the front door of hpd with millions of dollars in confiscated drug money. that's ridiculous! i have no idea what you're talking about! then you won't mind us taking a look in the back of your truck. you're making a big mistake, commander mcgarrett. are we done here now? because if it's okay with you, i'd like to get back to my job evacuating the city. after which i look forward to having a nice, long chat with the governor about this incident. recognize this? we found one just like it outside of dr. russell's house. lukela: it's a sandbag. there are thousands everywhere. steve: yes, there are.
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(chuckles) that's smart. wait till the disaster's been averted, everybody's relieved, the cleanup's underway, and then you come back and you collect. coast guard tracked that drug deal for six months. it was supposed to be our takedown, but then hpd swooped in, took the credit. now i'm being pushed out before my 20, no pension, no benefits. my country owes me. hey... let's clear one thing up right now. you swore to support and defend this country,
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no matter what the cost. she doesn't owe you anything, okay? danny: this, uh... could be our last chance to say it. go on. book him, danno. how much money is this? it's $28 million. ♪ ♪
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eh...! lost again! hey, babe. daddy! (groans) what are you doing, taking everybody's dough? yeah? good girl. thank you, brother. what are you looking at? we're all in this together. lieutenant commander, she's ready for you. the governor only wants mcgarrett.
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(sighs) (sighs) hey. listen, whatever happens, none of us would've done anything any different, all right? (quietly): yeah. (door closes) (footsteps approaching) she wanted to thank us. actually, she wanted to, uh, to congratulate us on another job well done. i'm-i'm sorry, what? all right, what about the money?
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new at 11, the budget goes primetime. what's next? the president asks you to
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respond. plus, only on 9. a local woman in a 12 day coma wakes up to find her car auctioned off. we helped track down what happened. plus, 27 and dead. now, amy winehouse and others gone at the height of their fame. well, if the president and congress can't solve the debt ceiling crisis maybe you can. both the speaker of the house and the president hit primetime television tonight trying to sell their own solution. >> president obama urging the american public to weigh in with congress hoping that might break the log jam. gary nurenberg reports no surprise each side is blaming other for the deadlock. >> reporter: the speaker and the president have endorsed different short-term solutions, no long term big deal deficit reduction plan. each is drawing fire from his respective base from giving away too much. each tonight saying essentially, we can give no
11:27 pm
more. >> the president's right about one thing. >> we're left with a stalemate. >> his reminder ron old regan and george w. bush repeatedly signed increases in the debt ceiling was met with a quick response. >> more spending and more debt is business as usual. well i've got news for washington. significant action is taken now. >> he blamed the president. >> the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> the two men are supporting different plans. senate democrats and house republicans came up with competing plans when bipartisan talks broke down and partisan finger pointing resumed. >> republicans are more interested trying to embarrass the president than doing what's right for the country. >> the senate plan raises the debt ceiling through the end of 2012 and cuts 2.7 trillion from domestic and defense spending. >> i believe that the plan is full of gimmicks. we're not making any real
11:28 pm
changes in the spending structure of our government and it doesn't deal with the biggestdrivers of our deficit and our debt and that would be entitlement programs. >> so the house plan would raise the debt ceiling for only seven months coupled with 1.7 trillion in spending cuts, create a bipartisan commission that would try to find another 1.8 trillion and another vote to raise the debt ceiling after that. >> it doesn't solve the problem. >> the president says it would mean another showdown in months. he says the public is fed up. >> they're fed up with a town where compromise has become a dirty word. >> then, this. >> i'm asking all to make your voice heard. if you want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit, let your member of congress know. if you believe we can solve this problem through compromise, send that message. >> the president clearly hopes public pressure will move some in congress who have their heals dug in and knows that
11:29 pm
polls show the public wants compromise but true believers on both sides will be phoning as well. at the end of months of issues, public response could be decisive here. worst job in town tomorrow? capitol switchboard operator. anita and derek? >> thank you, gary. only on 9 a northeast washington woman says her car was booted, towed away andauctioned off all while she was sick in the hospital. monique jenkins was hospitalized and in acute care for nearly eight weeks while she was fighting for her life in a 12 day coma, her war cause apparently put on the auction block and sold off by the city. 9 news now helped put together exactly how it all went down and it all came back to one unpaid speed camera ticket in d.c. for $100. monique said she had simply forgotten to pay it. >> i think when they said it was sold, i just burst out into tears. i didn't know what else to do. being in the hospital wasn't much i could do. >> now the department of public
11:30 pm
works which overseas vehicle auctions says it's looking into this. they also say the vehicle is not normally auctioned off for at least 28 days and that would be after an owner has accrued at least two unpaid parking tickets. dpw alleges jenkins has three unpaid tickets. she disputes that number. in response to the casey anthony trial a new law in honor of her deceased daughter is gaining momentum and not just in florida. >> caylee's law would make it a felony of a parent fails to report a child missing within 24 hours and one local lawmaker is looking into that idea after getting and we quote an "almost unprecedented number of e-mails asking for it." >> reporter: folks took to their computers for signing a petition and then e-mailing their state senator. senator janet howell received 400 messages from her constituents all urging her to enact caylee's law. >> it says that we would even have to take that step that it
11:31 pm
just says a lot about the parent. >> casey anthony was found not guilty in her daughters murder but guilty of lying to police. the young mother never reported her two year old daughter caylee missing. it was the child's grandmother who called police one month later. >> even to spouses missing or elderly missing. >> the movement sparked by one woman and now more than a million people from all across the country are on board but here at home, reaction is mixed. >> we learned from this case that there should be more attention focused in that area. >> some kids may have trouble in the household and they may take off routinely for a day or two, so when that happens, are the parents going to be penalised for not reporting their kids are gone? >> i think it is a little extreme to consider it a felony. >> the senator tells me during her research she discovered, "a huge gap in the code because there is no requirement for
11:32 pm
reporting missing children." >> if there is a gap, we should go but it should not need to be any requirement because any sensible parent will go ahead and report a lost child immediately. >> now, senator howell also chairs the virginia state crime commission and she tells us she has asked them to look into a local version of the bill which would likely be introduced in january. nearly 30 other states are also considering adopting caylee's law including maryland. anita, derek? >> thank you. now, why did a teenager take a baby from baltimore and how did she manage to make her way down to d.c. regardless of the answers the family is just happy that child is back home tonight. police say seven month old kewan went missing on friday and they found him with 16 year old jonet booser at a bus stop this morning. he was then reunited with his mom, 20 year old whitney mcgee
11:33 pm
at children's national medical center. >> i'm just happy that he's home, but that little baby is just everybodies heart and his grandfather i looked at him, it was no worries. nothing you can say or do, so all you can do is say to good bring my little boy home. >> police say his father churches birch left the boy with booser while he went out to buy cigarettes. officers say that's when she vanished with the child. tonight, sleep might not come easy for folks in a fredrick, maryland neighborhood. lurking out there in the night might be a serial arson it's. over the past year as many as six homes have been caught fire, have caught fire that is under mysterous circumstances. one of the latest early sunday morning on young place near fort dietrich. the couple who lives there had to run for their lives. >> as he was going out the front door, the carport door exploded. >> just a half an hour later, another house fire, this one
11:34 pm
just a few blocks away on h street. the state fire marshall and fredrick police are investigating all these recent fires. 9 news now has learned d.c. council member harry thomas met today with his legal team and they've been talking about and among his associates on just how we respond to mounting calls for his resignation. today council chair brownish used a statement that stops just short of asking thomas to step down. other council members have made similar statements. last week without admitting wrong doing, thomas agreed to repay $300,000 but the d.c. attorney general says thomas had converted to personal use. the taxpayer and charitable dollars were intended for youth baseball programs. well tonight, local psychiatrists are expressing concern for their own safety after the murder of another doctor. police say 62 year old barbara newman shot and killed dr. mark lawrence inside his mcclean home friday and they say lawrence worked out of his home and newman was there for an


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